A varied menu that goes beyond feijoada 1989

The Casa da Feijoada

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A Casa da Feijoada

Casa de Feijoada is one of the restaurants of the Group Cozinha Típica and is a reference in the cook of traditional Brazilian dishes. Located in a few meters from Ipanema beach, has been serving Feijoada for almost 30 years from Monday to Monday, for lunch and dinner.


To start your gastronomic journey in our house, you are greeted with bean soup, sausage from Minas Gerais and alcoholic lemon and passion fruit shots.


In our Feijoada there are no less than eleven meat options as: smoked bacon, pork ear, salted loin, dried meat, fresh sausage, tail, salted rib, smoked tongue, spark, beef and pork. As side dishes: rice, fried cassava, orange, cabbage, farofa and "torresmo".

We also serve typical dishes from other Brazilian regions such as dried meat with pumpkin, tutu à mineira, seafood stew, caipira chicken with pirão and shrimp in coconut.


For dessert, sweets such as guava paste with Minas cheese, milk pudding and homemade sweets. To close with a flourish and balance the levels of sugar in the body, nothing better than living the experience of a freshly made globinho coffee.

Grupo Cozinha Típica

Eating, drinking and sharing good stories around the table are pleasures that must be celebrated every day. The Grupo Cozinha Típica, consisting of the Casa da Feijoada, Porto das Carnes and Brasileirinho restaurants, was created by people who believe and appreciate the rich, diverse and tasty Brazilian cuisine.


The Group explores in the restaurants menus the peculiarity of each region of the country, such as "feijoada" and "tutu" that are found in the Southeast, the "moqueca" inspired by the Northeast and the traditional barbecue with strong influence from the South.


Travel around Brazil savoring the best seasoning of Brazilian food.


A varied menu that goes beyond feijoada.

Tradicional Feijoada

Couvert, Starters e Snacks

Special and Suggestions

Travelling through Brazil

and Desserts


Caldinho de Feijão

Batida de Limão

Batida de Maracujá


Feijoada Tradicional de Feijão Preto


Carnes de Sua Preferência

Carne Seca

Bacon Defumado

Orelha de Porco

Lombo Saldado

Linguiça Fresca


Costela Salgada


Linguiça Defumada


Carne de Boi



Arroz Branco

Couve à Mineira


Aipim Frito




Doces Caseiros

Doce de Banana

Doce de Leite

Doce de Abóbora com Coco


Bread, toast, butter, Minas cheese in oregano, salami

and seasoned olives



Green Soup

Sliced ​​cabbage with minced meat and pieces of bacon


Beans Soup

Beans beaten and sautéed with spices


Chef's Salad

Lettuce, grated carrot with shredded chicken, onion, Minas cheese, olive and tomato


Market Salad

Lettuce, green corn, carrots, beets and boiled egg



Fried Cassava


Fillet Appetizer


Dried Beef Appetizer


Pururuca Crackling


Minas cheese


Fried Sausage

Only for lunch from monday to friday

All dishes are served with bean soup, salad of the day

and dessert.


- Brasileirissimo

Grilled steak, fries, eggs, rice and beans



- Tutu à Moda da Casa

Bean tutu, fried sausage, kale from Minas Gerais, fried egg and white rice



- Pumpkin with jerked beef

Shredded and braised dry meat with onion, accompanied by pumpkin puree, white rice and beans



- Chicken with sauce

with boiled potatoes and white rice



- Tropeiro Beans

Mulatinho beans, grilled pork fillet, spices, bacon, cassava flour, fried linguine and white rice



Fillet with Catupiry cheese

Grilled filet mignon with catupiry cheese sauce and melted cheese, straw potatoes and white rice


Chicken with corn cream

Grilled chicken fillet with corn cream and white rice


Whiting fish fillet

Baked whiting fillet with fresh spices, coconut milk with shrimp sauce and saffron rice


Moquequinha da Casa

Fish fillet cooked with fresh spices, coconut milk and dendê oil

Tavelling through Brazil


"Tutu à Mineira"

Beaten black bean tutu accompanied by pork fillet, fried sausage, fried egg, cabbage from Minas Gerais and white rice


Pumpkin with jerked beef

Shredded and braised dry meat with onion, accompanied by pumpkin puree, white rice and beans



1/2 marinated and roasted chicken with mush and white rice


Fillet with sauce

Fillet mignon, house sauce, mushrooms, cassava puree and white rice


Fisherman's Stew (for 2)

Fish in slices, small and medium shrimp, squid, octopus, mussels, boiled potatoes and white rice


Shrimp with Catupiry

Prawns, catupiry sauce and saffron rice


Coconut Shrimp

Shrimp in coconut milk, cassava puree and white rice





Homemade Desserts




Guava with Minas Cheese


Milk Pudding


Coconut pudding


Seasonal fruits


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Adress: Prudente de Moraes Street n°10-B | Ipanema Cep: 22420-040

Phone: (21) 2247-2776

E-mail: casadafeijoada@cozinhatipica.com.br

Opening hours (including holidays): segunda a sábado- 12:00 às 00:00/ domingos e feriados- 12:00 às 23:00

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